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  • Why should I do a Metabolic Test?
    Gain access to a thorough evaluation of your overall well-being, physical condition, respiratory rhythms, workout thresholds, and additional factors. Armed with this invaluable data, we can create a tremendously efficient and outcome-oriented strategy that will enable you to train akin to a professional athlete, surpass your personal achievements, shed excess weight, enhance your physical stamina, and prolong your lifespan.
  • What Are Training Zones and Why Do They Matter?
    To acquire the knowledge needed to train like an athlete, it's essential to grasp the concept of your body's training zones. These zones are established based on your heart rate and serve as a guide for discerning when and how you optimize fat burning, endurance development, and muscle building during your workouts. Consequently, we can ensure that your training regimen yields the maximum benefits, regardless of whether you're focused on increasing your physical activity, shedding pounds, or enhancing your overall fitness level. While these training zones are typically determined using wearables such as smartwatches or calculator apps, their accuracy may sometimes fall short, with discrepancies of up to 25%. However, by undergoing a Metabolic test, you can precisely pinpoint your training zones down to the very heartbeat.
  • How Nutrition Shapes Progress?
    The Metabolic test enables us to assess your current carbohydrate and fat burning patterns within your body. With this valuable data in hand, we can then craft a customized meal plan and nutritional guidance that complements our personal training recommendations and aligns with your weight loss objectives.
  • How can I book a testing session ?
    You have the option to purchase a bundled testing package on our website and then choose a time slot that fits your schedule.
  • Are the package refundable?
  • Is it possible for another individual to utilize the credits from my testing package?
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